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I'm Kali Ma and this is REMIXES.

REMIXES is different than anything I've yet to tackle. Yes, they are remixes, but they are something more than that too. They operate together as a cohesive whole; meant to be heard in order, from beginning to end. More a single composition split into four movements than four individual tracks. They feature re-imaginings of the songs of four artists, all innovators of their genres, all well-loved by their fanbase and critics of the music world, alike.

The artists are Animal Collective, Crystal Castles, Battles, and Dan Deacon. I have a profound respect and a unique place in my heart for each of these artists. It has been an honor to work their sounds into my own compositions. Admittedly, it felt wrong at times, cutting up and re-working these post-modern masterpieces. But, I daresay, the result is something special, all its own.

So thank you Animal Collective, Crystal Castles, Battles, Dan Deacon. If not for your musical genius, this remixtape would not exist. And on a deeper level, Kali Ma would not exist. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And to all the listeners out there -- It's been my pleasure working on these tracks, and I hope that you can find your own pleasure in them as well.


released November 19, 2012



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Kali Ma Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kali Ma is an electronic music producer from Philadelphia, PA.

For booking and all other inquiries, contact:
kalimaofficial at gmail dot com

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